Main Menu


Soup of the day - £3.45


Cold Starters


Humus - V - £4.25
Pureed chickpeas with tahini garlic, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil dressing.


Maydonoz Salatasi - V - £4.25
Tabuleh chopped parsley salad with bulguy tomatoes, onions, olive oil and lemon juice.


Kozlenmis Pathican - V - £4.95
Roaste Aubergine, red & green peppers, parsley, garlic and olive oil.


Tarama Salata - £4.65
Home made fish pate.


Ispanak Tarator - V - £4.25
Spinach, yoghurt, garlic and olive oil.


Saksuka - V - £4.45
Potatoes, aubergine, carrots, courgettes, onion, red & green peppers puree and chickpees.


Cacik - V - £3.95
Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and mint.


Dolma - VN - £4.95
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, pine kernels, sultanas and fresh herbs.


Patatas Salatasi - V - £4.25
Potatoes, red and green peppers, red onion, parsley, herbs, lemon juice and olive oil.


Kisir - VN - £4.95
Crushed walnuts, hazelnuts, bulgur wheat, tomato juice, fresh herbs, red & green peppers and onions.


Zeytinyagli Bakla - V - £4.25
Fresh Broad beans, red & green peppers, garlicm coriander, dill and olive oil served with yoghurt.


Mercimek Kofte - V - £4.25
Red lentils, fine bulgur spring onions, herbs, tomato puree, olive oil and pomegranate sour.




Coban Salata - £3.95
Cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, green peppers and red onions


Yasil Salata - £3.95
Lettuce, green peppers, spring onion, celery, cucumber, parsley and dill.


Beyaz Peynirli Salata - £4.45
Tomatoes, cucumber, red & green peppers, parsley, dill, lettuce, celery and feta cheese.


Hot Starters


Soslu Patlican - £4.95
Aubergine, red and green peppers, yoghurt and sauce, cooked in olive oil.


Kalamar Tava £5.25
Fried squid served with capers sauce.


Midye tava - £5.25
mussels in batter served on skewers with capers sauce.


Muska Boregi - V - £4.95
Filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach deep fried.


Hellim - V - £5.25
Grilled cyprus cheese with salad.


Sucuk Izgara - £5.25
Grilled garlic sausage with salad


Falafel - V - £4.95
Chickpeas, dried broad beans, vegetables and herbs deep fried.


Gumus Tava - £5.25
Deep fried white bait


Sardalya - £6.95
Deep fried sardines served with salad


Jumbo Karides - £6.95
Chargrill cooked king prawn served with salad.


Karides Guvec - £6.95
Green peppers, garlic, tomatoes cooked with prawns and topped with ceddar cheese.


Ciger - £5.25
Fried lamb liver peices with onion served with salad


Icli Kofte - N - £5.95
Minced lamb, fresh mint, pine kernels, dill and parsley covered with cracked wheat and salad


Main Courses



(Cooked on chargrill and served with rice, tomatoes, grilled peppers and salad)


Kuzu Sis - £11.95
Grilled lamb on skewers


Adana Kofte - £10.95
Minced lamb on skewers


Izgara Kofte - £10.95
Minced lamb, onion, parsley, paprika and peppers.


Kulbasti - £14.95
Lamb fillet with oregane.


Pirzola - £15.95
Lamb chop with oregane.


Tavuk Sis - £11.25
Grilled chicken served on skewers.


Karisik Izgara - £15.95

Mixed grill (Lamb, chicken, kofte and lamb chop).


Aspendos Karisik Izgara - £16.95 per person

(minimum of 2 people)

A selection of all the main course grill dishes.


Steak Menu


10oz Ribeye steak - £18.95

10oz Sirloin steak - £17.95

8oz Fillet steak - £19.95

All served with onion rings. mushrooms, vegetables.

Pepper or Mushroom cream sauce - £2.50 extra.


Meat Dishes


Karniyarik - £11.95
Aubergine stuffed with minced lamb, tomatoes and peppers served with rice.


Incik - £13.95
Turkish style lamb shank cooked with onion, peppers, carrots, potatoes and tomato.


Kuzu Tandir - £13.95
Stewed diced lamb, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onion, carrots and oregano.


Tavuk Guvec - £11.95
Chicken cooked with onions, peppers, ggarlic, tomato and mushrooms.


Kuzu Guvec - £12.95
Lamb cooked with onions, peppers, garlic, tomato, muchrooms and oregano.


Iskender - £13.95
Aspendos Sauce with lamb cube on homemade bread with butter.


Lamb mousakka - £10.95
Layers of minced lamb, aubergine and potatoes topped with cheese sauce.


Izmir Kofte - £10.95
Minced lamb balls oven cooked with potatoes and tomatoes, served with salad.


Yogurtlu Kofte - £12.95
Aspendos Sauce with minced lamb kofte on homemade bread with butter.


Rakili Tavuk - £11.95
Chicken, mushroom, onion, cream, tomato puree and raki


Vegetarian Dishes


Sebzeli Mousakka - £10.25
Aubergine, potatoes, courgettes, carrots, onion and garlic with white sauce.


Kayisili Ispanak - £10.95
Spinach, tomatoes, onion and dried apricot.


Brokoli Yahnisi - £10.25
Broccoli, grapes, spring onion, organic sun, dried tomatoes, basil, coriander and cheese


Penne Pasta - £9.95
Penne Pasta served with a mushroom onion cream sauce


Mediterranean Pasta - £9.95
Fusili pasta cooked with onion, peppers and mushrooms served with cheese on top


Imam Bayildi - £10.95
Aubergine stuffed with red and green peppers and tomatoes.


Vegetarian Mixed Meze - £10.95
Humus, maydonoz salatasi, dolma, falafel, muska boregi, cacik and kisir.


Fish Dishes


Levrek - £14.95
Grilled sea bass served with mixed vegetables


Sebzeli Somon - £14.95
Grilled fresh salmon fillet served with mixed vegetables with sauce


Kagitta Kilic Baligi - £15.95
Swordfish cooked on the grill served in the foil with sauce


Uskumru - £11.95
Mackerels cooked on the chargrill served with mixed vegetables


Cupra - £16.95
Chargrilled whole seabream served with vegetables and spinach


Ana kalamar Tava - £11.95
Fried squid served with capers sauce and salad .


Visneli Jumbo Karides - N - £14.95
King prawns, roasted almonds, spring onion, cherry, coriander, onion and peppers.


Karisik Balik Izgara - £19.95
Mixed fish grill. Salmon, swordfish, king prawns and sardines


Balik Guvec - £15.95
Mixed fish cooked with onion, peppers, garlic, tomatoes and artichoke


Side Dishes


Plain basmati rice - £2.50

Garlic Mushrooms - £3.15

Chips - £2.00



V - Vegetarian

N - May contain Nuts

No Service Charge

All starters will include home made bread, olives and cheese pate.